Will AI take over my job?

Will AI take over my job?

Will AI take over my job?

AI has the potential to replace many jobs, because AI can do tasks more efficient than a human can.

This topic will be explored in this article. We will start by talking on the dynamics that make AI better than some human performed jobs. And we then list the jobs that are the most likely to be replaced by AI, And the safest ones.

At the end will explain why AI might soon replace most of the words photo models.


Factor 1: Automation

McKinsey found that as much 45% of all jobs are at the risk of being automated. The survey was based upon know AI technology, so as this field evolves, then the chances are likely to become even more significant.


Factor 2: Replacement of job functions.

McKinsey also found that few jobs would be able to replace 100% by automation. But specific job tasks could. They found that more than 60% of all job type were at risk of having one or more than were being taken over by automation.


Factor 3: High wage jobs

AI automation is different than historical automation processes because the focus now also includes high wage jobs. This is due to the fact that AI works on a knowledge level where it will become possible for AI to make decisions that conventional IT never will be able to do.


Factor 4: Creativity

McKinsey’s last point is that AI will take over the more routine part of our daily jobs. This would then mean that we will have more time on our jobs to be more creative, and that includes using AI assistant to create product and services that could never be created by humans by ourself.


Will my job be taken over by AI?

Two Oxford professors have analyzed 700 different US job functions. They tested how exposed a job was to computerisation as they call it. Their conclusion was 47% of all US jobs were at risk.

You can see the findings in the tables below, split up in high paying jobs and low paying jobs. And if the risk of Ai taking over a job type is either high or low.

Jobs being taken over by AI has significant social impacts. The underlying force behind this movement is known as the third industrial revolution. This article explained more on this topic and discussed the expected social consequences for our society.


Example: AI will replace Models.

There are about 20.000 professional models in the world today. They could soon be at risk of losing their job. Here is why.

A good model obviously need to be photogenic, and they also need to be creative, and they need to understand what is required of them to make great photos.

A great model also needs to be flexible and accept long workdays and most likely extensive travelling too.

So it is a job that requires both tremendous cognitive and social skills to succeed. And such skills are quite far from what you would associate with Artificial Intelligence.

So why will a great skilful model be replaced by AI? The answer: Economics, time and tech. In other words: Productivity.

Everyone how has the first-hand experience with a photoshoot can imagine that is must be expensive. Even a simple studio shoot requires quite a lot to succeed. It all boils down to it being expencive.

But the finance part is the least of the model’s problems. Their most significant issue is that a photoshoot is a production bottleneck. Models are used to sell a product or brand a company. But it requires time and planning to do a shoot.

Let say that you are a fashion brand. At some point, you will need new photos for your next collections. You then need to find a model that fits the concept that you are planning to launch. And you need a studio or a location. And a photographer.

The sum of all this means that getting the photos becomes a botle neck in the management of your campaign activities. You can not make sales material, post on blogs or other online media before the pictures are done.

So any fashion brand has an interest in not being dependant on a photoshoot, if possible. If you don’t have such dependency, then you can start marketing your product lines earlier. Maybe even before production starts, so you can test the concept and make adjustments early in the process. When it is cheap for you to do so.

This is where AI will help out the fashion brands because there is a line of Machine learning that makes it possible to create artificial humans on a photo. People who only exists in the virtual world.

The concept is called Computer Generated Images (CGI), and this YouTube clip shows how it works:

This is not si-fi. The 2014 Ikea Catalog was made with 75% CGI images. 

So this concept means that you as a fashion brand can create the photos you need as soon as have a demand for them. Doing so means eliminating all the photoshoot bottlenecks. 

You will probably not replace all your shoots with CGI images, at first. However, the value of instant cheap photos vs waiting for expensive ones means that most will prefer the fast track.

So, CGI images might not replace all 20.000 of the words models. But at a lot of them will have to do something else that photoshoots. So for many, the answer is Yes, AI will take over my job.



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