What is RPA in a Digital Transformation context?

What is RPA in a Digital Transformation context?

Robotic Process Automation is a brainchild of Dr.iousProject Inc. The company is known for being one of the first to release of robotic options to the enterprise, and for having one of the first VR tools that made multiaxed 3D world a reality. Now, they have come up with another innovation: robotic shelling, which they explain as a type of VR shell game. This is definitely something you will want to check out if you are looking for a more technical explanation on the subject.

The idea behind robotic shell game is that the player uses a virtual simulation of robotic components to either enter or leave a room. It is a sort of virtual scavenger hunt, where the player uses reality and augment it with their own imagination. Of course, it is a bitHard to believe, but the reality is that incredible accuracy has been achieved using drones and micro-cameras, with the robotic system located at a distance. When fully integrated, the end result can be deeply immersive.

This type of environment, which the developers have dubbed “ensemote,” will make its debut in a real hotel in Dubai in 2010. For those who are expecting a fully immersive gaming experience, might have been disappointed as the interface keeps your hands off the handsets. However, keeping your hands off the phones while playing seems to be the biggest problem facing gamers right now, so this feature seems to be a big improvement.

The system seems to be a foundation for more future applications as well, such as allowing users to become their characters. This could be someone who wants to be Spiderman or become a famous movie character, something which is almost impossible to realize with pixels and screens, but this is now possible through this technology. Another improvement is that you can be able to see your friends’ movies or television shows, something which is currently impossible to do.

The Oculus Rift is still something that is superlathed as secret projects, but it is something that is being taken more and more seriously. The Oculus Rift is scheduled to release on April 16, 2012, though it has been scheduled for release on the Samsung TVs and Google Android’s. But when released, it will be marketed heavily on websites and requires a powerful computer to run it, something which will certainly improve the overall quality of the product.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the latest round of the ever-thasty Galaxy Tablet, which takes the Android 3.0thus and improves upon it by introducing horizontal scrolling which give you the feeling that you are on the go with your Galaxy Tab. It is powered by the Android OS, so things are sure to be pure flawless, but with a 64-bit processor, Samsung Galaxy Nexus is sure to exceedingly melt the butter with ease.

Google’s new Nexus 10 is a netbook sized tablet, which is nothing fancy by any means. Yet, while it is present on the market, it is mainly marketed towards ten year olds who want to watch some movies and cartoons. There is plenty of other known brands who will be producing and marketing their own versions in 2011 which will do battle for consumers who are still waiting for them.


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