What is AI, Machine learning, and Deep Learning?

What is AI, Machine learning, and Deep Learning?

What is AI?

First, let’s start by defining what artificial intelligence is. The definition I like best is to define artificial intelligence as not human intelligence. So intelligence is made by machines, as opposed to natural intelligence made by humans.

One often uses the term artificial intelligence about machines that perform cognitive functions such as problem-solving or learning.

When you go a little deeper, you don’t have to read much about artificial intelligence to come across three concepts used (often interchangeably):

• Al

 • Machine Learning

 • Deep Learning AI

AI Is the broadest term for artificial intelligence. This means that it covers everything from only AI methods to advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is a subgroup of AI that covers algorithms that learn by being trained with data. Countless Machine Learning techniques exist. If you come across words like linear regression, decision trees or artificial neural networks, then they are all Machine Learning techniques.  Source


Deep Learning

Deep Learning is algorithms that if they get enough data can become self-learning. A Deep Learning algorithm works in a way that is inspired by the human brain and is also known as neural networks. Read more on Deep Learning in this post.

The three concepts are thus connected as sub-sets, as illustrated by the figure above. It should be read so that Deep Learning is a branch of Machine Learning. This means that there are Machine Learning methods other than Deep Learning. Similarly, Machine Learning is a subset of AI. This means that all AI is not Machine Learning. There are different branches of AI than Machine Learning.


Why is AI smart, and what does it have to do with my daily life?

The areas that are growing the most by far are Deep Learning. Many of the new revolutionary inventions that are heard almost daily when it comes to the AI ​​field are made as Deep Learning solutions.

From a business point of view, the relevant question is then to ask. Why is AI smart, and what does it have to do with my daily life? And what exactly makes this different from the IT I know today.

These are precisely questions that this website is made to answer. You will, therefore only get the answer to the first question now, namely, why it’s smart in a corporate context. Deep Learning makes it possible to automate decisions and to solve tasks.


Automate decisions

The short answer to this is that this technology makes it possible for you to automate decisions and to solve tasks in your business. And that’s a big deal. No matter what your industry is and what the goal of your business is, a central relationship will always task. You make decisions, and you solve tasks. Existing IT systems are currently solving some of these tasks; some are being solved as ad hoc tasks and others you have processes for.


An AI business case

Let’s say your business sell curtains from a truck that come out to your customers. The driver close the sale at the customer’s house. After 14 days he delivers the tailor-made curtains to your customers.

Today, if a potential customer calls you, then someone needs to pick up the phone, open a calendar program, find a time when a curtain truck is in the area where the customer lives. Once the appointment is confirmed, you book a time for a visit and end the phone call.

You probably have a process for how such a conversation should be handled so that you have consistent customer experience and that you ensure that neither you nor the customer is missing information when the conversation is completed. You have probably had IT systems that ensure that you can book the customer’s time, and communicate it to your curtain bus driver so that they arrive as agreed.

So it is a simple task involving people, processes and IT systems. AI has the potential to replace all three things.

An AI bot can take the customer’s phone call. This includes a telephone conversation with the customer to ensure that they book the right time and receive the information from the customer.

And once the system is installed, the system can handle anywhere from 1 to maybe 1000 calls per minute because there are no dependencies on people in the design. Run your business more efficiently and offer a range of new products

Such new technologies will change the opportunities you have for running your business more efficiently, as well as opening up to offer a range of new products and services that would not previously be possible.

AI has the potential to become the largest business driver since the internet came out 20 years ago. Therefore, you should be interested in what it can do for you and the way your business could be run in no time.