Understanding website content patterns

Understanding website content patterns

The only way a user will visit your site is if they want to interact with the content on it. This means that Content Analytics looks for patterns and trends that can explain how users are interacting within this space, based off one thing: what draws them there in the first place? It does so by analyzing pages visited overtime or making inferences from information such as mouse clicks made while browsing.<

Content analytics aims at answering questions like “What sections of my website get most visitors?” Or even more specifically,”Who’s visiting me right now?”. Read more here.

The content of your website is the backbone of every interaction. It speaks for you, and it can do wonders to address user needs or desires; but what about all those people who come onto this machine-driven information highway? Are their experiences really yours when they visit our site today? We don’t know them like we would want too – no matter how good/bad things were yesterday (or even five minutes ago).

This leads us into Content Analysis: A means by which users’ actions are tracked in relation with whatever page(s) on which these events take place so as better understand where problems lie within an interface design framework…among many other benefits!

Pattern analytics

The method looks for patterns and trends that can explain the behavior of users on a website, based on their interactions with the content. This makes it much easier to understand intentions behind actions than with conventional web analysis tools – primarily used for describing traffic or patterns in user browsing habits .