The Product

Cognifirm is designed to help finish the small tasks and processes fast and efficiently.

Specifically, it completes transfers that requires you to key in the same data into multiple systems.

As-Is: Manuel data entry

To-Be: Automatic data entry

Product Management

You manage the Assistant in a canvas style dashboard that lets you configure and manage your processes in four easy steps.

Step 1: Select Your Business Systems

You select which features in your business systems that you want to transfer data to and from.

Cognifirm integrates with all the online systems that your employees work with, including 3rd party systems that are made available to you by the government and your business partners.

Step 2: Design Your Process

Your processes could be anything from a simple data transfer between two systems to a complex flow with multiple systems. You configure your process design in the canvas dashboard.

All that is done by a simple drag and drop feature so that any process can be configured without coding.

Step 3: Define your Business Logic

You can select different types of business logic that determines how your Assistant will help your employee become more efficient:




They can each be configured to match your specific process needs.

Step 4: Select your target groups

You decide if the process you are creating should work for a one or more employees, a department or the entire company

More features…


You can configure the visual appearance of the Assistant so that it fits your corporate branding, including using your logos and the name of the Assistant.


The management section makes it easy for you to track and document the usage of the processes that you create in the application.

Save 15 to 20 minutes per day

Cognifirm makes it easy for you to remove devious time-consuming tasks in your company. Learn why saving 15 – 20 daily minutes could be feasible for you too.

Cognifirm and Robotics

Cognifirm is not a Robotics tool as you know them. Learn how you can use the two approaches to complement your process optimation efforts.

Download Whitepaper

The whitepaper “Convert System Time to Customer Time” describes how to boost your organization’s effectiveness with the Cognifirm Process Assistant.

Use Case: Enroll new employees in your HR department

One of the tasks a human resource manager must perform is to enroll new employees into the company each month.

This means giving them access to a pallet of systems and typing in the same master data into multiple programs.  It is a necessary but time-consuming task for your colleague.

Cogifirm can manage such tasks for you. All you have to do is configure a process that includes all the systems in play. This means that the next time an employee must be enrolled, it is done automatically for you.

Without Cognifirm:

Many repeated proceses to key in the same master data

With Cognifirm:

Key in master data once, and the rest is done for you

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