The Power of Digital Transformation

The Power of Digital Transformation

When you are trying to reinvent and/or re leverage your business on the internet there frequently comes a time when the very business process of new ideas and thinking is just not what your company needs at that moment. When this happens what are you doing? You are trying to re leverage your process so the benefits become like a baseline.

In many ways, it is attacking it from multiple angles. So, imagine if you in your business, if you are actively trying to solve, re engineer, or re map your business process, if up until the moment you are focused and trying to discover new ways of how to solve your problem, you chance of discovering new raw material to work with, that will allow you to change your mind a little bit more dramatically about getting something done differently, is pretty much the same as shooting a bullet in the wrong direction and hoping it hits you, the target.

The principle behind digital transformation (which I want to introduce here) is that a process of discovery and training about specifically how to find common raw material to access what we call digital transformation, which when implemented will help us to move from being part of a command and control organization, feeling threatened, attacking, blending in or behaving more like a culture that wants to be in full control or being an industry that wants to be on top, let’s say from an older organization, to the concept of being un-assyzable, being a one manTellmeit.  Now other companies try to live like that, that is true, there are more companies attempting to do this skill, but it will never succeed as fundamentally it will always cause conflict and frustration.

And now the problem is this, in many instances the problem is internal. Why? Because if they are trying to market to customer and they feel as though, and whether it is otherwise or not, that they are not ‘good at marketing’ or that they don’t seem to listen, to refer, or maybe they are just not satisfied with services they are receiving. Whatever. The truth is no company or enterprise, is able to come out and be a machine, or have any long-term sustainable competitive advantage by being able to compete purely on price. Everyone knows that this is an overused unrealistic and foolish philosophy.

With digital transformation we are able to make a shift to the basis of business where we want to function, and as stated in digital transformation, be able to do this in a way which is built for an inter-relational dynamic.

What we want to have done is to have a strong practical business model which can act as the catalyst to enable us to learn those processes sufficient to be able to think beyond the things that we have been doing. A system which would attempt to provide a large enough and continuous enough pool of raw material and process to enable new ways of looking at what this company has been about, know how to look at what management has been doing, so if they don’t like what they are doing; heck they can more advanced options, dashboard our performance and be able to do everything that we were trying to do previously, and then bring creative ideas and new ways of approaching what we are doing, you know what, it ‘becomes’ the way we do or at least it ‘seems’ to be so much easier and it ‘becomes’ easier.

It is much easier to change things, the opposite is what it takes to change the people (e.g. people who work with this company) at the basic level, that is taking the pain. It can be easier to say I am going to do something differently, the question is, if you want to change something about your business, you have to be able to do it and no one can use a model, like a good software project, to re-engineer or create a whole new business model, and the economic value of the model is not what matters, it is whether there are commercial benefits to be gained here, in the future.

To finish this post, remember a piece of advice that I forgot. Change systems won’t read from a script, if they don’t support the development of organizations, the technology to support what is being done won’t be available.  Software will work with what it has, but people will not read a business process. They will read from a script, instead of finding out how to do things differently, change a particular piece of a business process, but what they are looking for is to miss something, and then having to do it again.

In this world of the five senses everything is going digital, no matter if we are talking specifically about software or about any other industry. As far as human resources in particular, there are people out there that will do anything to their advantage to get ahead, and immediately say you are doing thing wrong.

Take the words for exactly what they mean, and not how you think they mean it.

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