The best way to import excel files into a business system

It is obvious why Excel is such a popular tool.
Excel is a great tool to work with. The tool makes it possible to create quick reportings and data collections.

So a lot of tasks start their life in an Excel sheet. However, there are also drawbacks. Sometimes the data that you work with have to be processed in your business systems. There could be many reasons why this could be the case.

It could be that you are using Excel as a timesheet tool and that the hours must be processed in your HR system.

It could also be easier to start data processing and analytical tasks in excel and then process them in your business systems at a later stage.

The problem you face when you need to transfer data from Excel to a business system is to import the data so that the meaning of the information you have created in excel can be transferred into the new system.

This means that the cells and row structure you have created must be transferable into the new system.