Is your business ready for the Age of AI?

AI has the potential to make you more efficient

You can use the technology to create new revolutionary products

AI can change the premises on how you compete

Do you have the knowledge you need to prepare your business for AI?

Are your plans for how AI could make the greatest strategic impact for you clear?

Are you sure that your AI focus is where it creates the most value for your business?

Is your organization ready for AI?

Course Curriculum

What is AI?

This section introduces you to how AI as a technology works. Not with a tech development perspective. The focus is on the concept of AI and the kind of problems you can solve with AI.

Operations and AI

In this section, we focus on giving you the tools and understanding that you need to identify and evaluate where in your business AI can create the most value.

Strategy and AI

AI has the potential to refine how you run your business and how you compete. In this section, you will get the tools and knowledge you need to identify if AI has the potential to change your business competitive landscape.

Leadership and AI

You will be introduced to the expected footprints that AI will leave in your company and why this requires a different leadership focus from you.

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The AI CEO – know how to succeed in the Age of AI
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Your instructor

Per Damgaard Husted

  • One patent on AI infrastructure
  • 10 years of corporate management experience
  • Three years as Founder and CEO for an AI-based startup
  • Responsible for creating AI software used by 1200 customers
  • Has designed 25 different AI models
  • International speaker and consultant

Don´t just take our word for it

A perfect course which teach you a lot of valuable points

Glad to take this course. In my idea, this course looks at AI from a unique perspective. Strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to utilize AI in any field. Special thanks to Per Damgaard, the perfect lecturer.

Baran Saipour

New ideas for my clients

I am in charge of new tech partnerships in a financial service company. As such, I need to know how technology can make our business more productive in a realistic way. The way Per explained it made me see how we can use AI in new ways that make sense for us.

Anette Petersen

Could AI transform my business?

I am old enough to remember how the internet transformed my industry completely. Now I feel the same could happen again with AI. So I was looking for a way to understand the dynamics that drive this new technology. Per´s course came up in my search, and I am thankful that I signed up for it. It made me realise how we could use AI as an advantage in my company and not as something that we should be afraid of.

David Hansen, CEO

About us

Developing AI since 2017

We have spent more than 12.000 hours on AI delevopment so far. So we know how to work with the technology and what it can do for you.

Management background

We have spent more than 15 years as managers in large organisations, so we know how you function and how decisions are made.

More than 1200 customers

Our AI learnings are founded in the 1200 customers around the world that uses out AI technology.

+25 AI Applications

AI applications developed from scratch on our patented AI architecture design.

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The AI CEO – Know how to succeed in the Age of AI
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Can I access the content as I commute on my mobile phone?

Yes. The layout makes it possible for you to access the content on both phones and computers.

Is your Course set-up use user-friendly?

Yes. Very much. The platform that we use has been used by more than 23m students and has been improved continuously on their feedback.

I am a European. Why do I have to pay VAT?

We are obliged by law to collect local VAT for all sales to EU citizens. Your VAT will appear on your invoice, so if you are paying as a company, you will be able to deduct the amount.

Can I share the course with a colleague?

No, but as you enrol, you will get a discount voucher that gets you a 50% discount for additional sign-ups. We also offer a corporate solution that can grant access to all your companies employees. Contact us for more information.