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No code process creation

Many applications claim to be no-code applications. For some, this means that some of the required business configurations can be done without code. But for the majority of the no-code application, they do at some point require some kind of configuration. This is especially true for systems that integrate data between multiple systems.


However, this is not the case with Confirm; we have created an application where business logic’s integrations and configuration can be done completely without code.


You build your integrations directly in any online business systems browser interface. This ensures that all data flow that is available for the end-user in your business systems can be converted into automation.

Automate Yourself

Cognifirm lets you build real-time automations of your manual tasks in minutes.

Decentral IT architecture

RPA tools are often built on top of your current IT. This is smart because it allows the systems to work together, but it also means that you build technical dept into your system architechture. The RPA integrations make it harder to change or update your systems, as this would now also mean that you would have to update your RPA integrations.


Cognifirm has a decentral IT architecture. There is no server that holds your user’s data; it is distributed from their browsers to your business systems without going through a central unit. This makes the solution secure and safe for your users to manage.

No impact on your current IT

Cognifirm works in the browser layer of your systems, where it can read, collect and distribute data to and from your business system.

This means that you do not need any system integration and that you can collect any data, regardless of your system has a service layer that supports such integrations.

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New digital opportunities

Cognifirm allows you to digitalize processes and tasks that it not possible with conventional process automation tools.

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See how to create real-time automations that removes your manual tasks.

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