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Digital opportunities

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Digtital Transformation

Digitalization of administrative tasks is a core focus area in all industries for obvious reasons. The less time you spend doing repetitative tasks, the more you can focus on your business.


Cognifirm is a personal productivity tool designed to automate the many small tasks done by everyone in your business every day.


The tool works in real-time personal and removes manual data entry tasks that are not possible to automate in any other way.


So, Cognifirm is not a Robotics Process Automation tool or a Business Process Management tool. It is a tool that complements the digitalization efforts that you do already.


Cognifirm also differs in its time perspective, as it runs in real-time. So your automation is done when you need them, and not as batch jobs as you know them from your RPA solutions.


And best of all: Cognifirm is easy to implement and configure. The actual users can configure the automation themselves without involving process managers or IT constants.

Personal productivity tool

Most tasks that you and your colleagues perform take less than 30 minutes for you to complete. Some of them are known by you in advance, which makes it possible for you to plan for them; however, if your workday is like most people, you will encounter a steady stream of new and unknown tasks during a normal workday.


Cognifirm can help you perform such tasks faster. It works as a productivity tool in your browser that appears when you need it and helps you finish tasks on your behalf—based on the actual user’s behavior and needs.

Automate Yourself

Cognifirm lets you build real-time automations of your manual tasks in minutes.

Realtime tasks

In today’s world, time is of the essence. Regardless of the business, you are in and the function you perform, you are expected to finish your tasks quickly.


Cognifirm helps you do so. The tool works as a Browser Plugin and enables you to automates your tasks in real-time. So your tasks can be completed, and you can focus on the next point of your agenda.


In this way, Cognifirm compliments your RPA and BMP tools that handle big bulks of predictable tasks that are also a part of your daily business.

Democratize the implementation process

Conventional automation tools require coding to work. You need code to connect the IT systems you want to integrate, and you need to code to build the business logic you need to perform.

The coding requirement means that such implementations take time and are costly to implement.

It never requires code to build automations with Cognifirm.

So,  the total cost of implementation of new processes is a fraction of what you usually would pay. And the end result is a large volume of small decentralized automation in your business.

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