Ten great ways to get to know the business side of AI

Ten great ways to get to know the business side of AI

Do you know the best ways to get up to date in the world of AI? . We have collected ten great ways to get to know the business side of AI in ten different media categories. So you can find the best way to get up to date in the world of Artificcial Intelligence in the way that fits you the best.


Video tutorials

The best place to get general learning on how AI works is to watch TED talks. You can find a dedicated playlist that has an AI business focus like this one:


YouTube – The best AI Business channel

Different YouTube channels cover AI. Most of them focus on how to learn to program AI. The best business-oriented AI must be the Artifical Channel from the AI institute. They can be found on this page:


YouTube – The best general AI Channel

The best channel with general knowledge on how how to use AI is the channel made by Siraj Raval. He has about 700 thousand channel subscribes and posts videos regularly.



AI Podcasts

A podcast can be a great way to get up to date in the world of AI. There are many great onces. We find that Katherine Gorman and Ryan Adams host the best one. The focus is on new real-life cases on how to apply Machine Learning.



AI Start-ups

There are lots of things going on in the start-up world, and an excellent way of keeping up to date is to check out the AI website. They keep track of things like who gets funded and how much they receive in the different investment rounds. You can find a list of the 100 most prominent AI start ups on this webste:


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Academic research

The most recognised source of educational information from the AI world is from MIT. They have an excellent AI section on their website that is highly recommendable. You can find it here:



AI websites

There are three corporate sites that stand out when it comes to AI:

  • McKinsey
  • Forbes
  • Wired Magazine

They have each a separate take on AI.



The most hard-core business articles are found on the McKinsey site. The pieces are often based upon research from their client network, wich makes the finding quite relevant.




Forbes has a more conventional news angle to AI, which also can be great. They have more articles and publish new AI articles more frequently than McKinsey does.




The last of the business sites that you should check out is Wired Magazine. Their take is what you could call a future tech perspective on AI. And they are also great at doing visualization on how they work that in itself can be a work of art.


AI Social Media

The two best sources for AI knowledge are either Reddit or Quora. They each have a different angle on AI.



The most popular AI blog on Quora is called “Artificial Intelligence”. It has more than 1.2 million subscribers and covers a broad range of AI-related questions. Most of them have a tech focus.




An alternative to Quora is Reddit. It too has lots of AI-related forums. The most popular is called artificial. Just like Quora, this forum has a primary focus on the tech side of AI:



AI Business Blogs

AI Weekly is a great AI Business blog that covers both the tech and business part. They produce one new article per week that you can get as a newsletter subscription too.


AI Tech blogs

The best AI tech blog is found on Medium.com. The bogs name is “Towards Data Science”, and as the name indicates, it has a tech angle to AI.

They publish new articles in Artificial Intelligence topics almost daily. So they are an excellent chance that you can find information there on whatever tech topic that might have your interest.




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