Should you have an AI Strategy?

Should you have an AI Strategy?

Should you have an AI Strategy and why should AI have a management focus?

Many companies have a set of domain strategies for the various functions of their business. They have a CSR strategy, an environment or a Co2 strategy, and of course, an HR strategy as well. So why should you have an AI strategy, too?

And is it not particularly troublesome for this area which is characteristic of not having a specific part of your organization associated with it?


Who owns your AI strategy?

Who should then be responsible for the implementation of an AI Strategy if you don’t have an AI department?

Another reason for not having an AI strategy is that AI is technology. And does it really make sense to have a strategy for at technology?

Under normal circumstances, these arguments would be good reasons not to have a strategy for an area like AI. If not for one thing. AI changes the basic premise of the way your business is going to be run.


AI and digital transformation

For more information on this, see this article that explains why AI will be a more significant change to your company than any Digital Transformation project ever will.

So, you can choose not to make a strategy for how you as a company should approach AI. Thus, the adaptive approach. Take one thing at a time. In other words, without a plan and without control over where your development is going.

If, on the other hand, you can see the good sense of being in control of the area that are most likely to make the biggest business and the biggest technological change of our lifetime, then the next sections are meant to help you.


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