The Product

Cognifirm is a simple to use Process Automation tool that lets you build your process automation flows in minutes

Automate your business

Cognifirm is designed to help you finish your repetitive tasks fast, instantly, and error-free.
In a way where you build your automations that fits your specific needs. Without any IT investment or use of expensive consultants.
Cognifirm integrates out of the box with any browser-based business system.


Your automations will be managed by your personal process automation robot called AutoMate.

AutoMate lives in your browser, and it will notify you of any automation options you might have and it helps you finish tasks on your behalf.

AutoMate is a browser plug in that you install in your Chrome or Edge browser for free.

The editor

You build your processes in a drag and drop editor. You can build your automations without code or IT integrations.

As-Is: Manuel data entry

Excel / CSV data import

You can import Excel or CSV files directly into any business system. This is convenient if you have salary, product, or sales data that are reported in Excel and then need to be processed in one or more of your business systems.

To-Be: Automated data entry

Migrate data between multiple systems

Cognifirm can finish data entry tasks for you that require that you key in the same data in multiple systems. This feature is convenient if you create product, customer, or sales data that need to be keyed into multiple systems.

Pro Feature:


The Cognifirm notification feature lets you get your tasks done faster. You can get notified when a teammate needs data from you, when you have pending tasks or when a colleague has finished a joint task that you have automated with Cognifirm.

Pro Feature:

Multistep processes automation

Many tasks require the participation of colleagues from different departments or teams. It could be creating a new order with the involvement of sales, marketing, and production. Cognifirm allows you to build automation that manages the correct participation from all the process participants.

Automate tasks:

Automate task that runs in your team, such employee onboarding in HR, or claims handling in sales.

Set timesheet reporting on autopilot and other such recurring tasks that you spend time doing.

Pro Feature:

Multiple users

Create automation processes for teammates and colleagues. It is easy to manage who can access your processes. You get access to dashboards that let you know how your team’s automation efforts are progressing.

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It is easy to get started

Build your automation

You build your automation in a few simple steps.

All users need to have the Cognifirm browser plug-in.

You build the processes without code in a Drag and Drop Dashboard.

You can easily manage who a process should be available for. It could be anyone in your business, your team, or maybe just you.

Manage your Automation

You can manage your processes in different kind ways:

Manage who in your organization you will let your processes be made available to.

Manage the specific configuration of your processes.

Monitor who is using the processes the most, how much time you save, and much more.

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