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AS-IS: Manual data entry

To-be: Automated data entry

You create a new automation in four steps

Step 1: Select Your Business Systems

You select which areas in your business systems that you want to transfer Excel data to.

Cognifirm integrates with all the online systems that your employees work with, including 3rd party systems made available to you by your business partners.

Step 2: Design your automation

Your automation could be anything from a simple data transfer between Excel and a business system to a complex flow between multiple systems. You configure your automation design in the canvas dashboard. You do this without coding using a simple drag and drop dashboard.

Step 3: Define your business logic

You can select different types of business logic that determine how Cognifirm can help you automate your data entry tasks.

Step 4: Distribute your new automation to your team

You decide if the process you are creating should work just for you, your team, or even the entire company.

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