Out of the Box Process Automation

Out of the Box Process Automation

Have you ever considered using or buying conventional RPA products then you know that they are a big investment?

They require that you hire a specialist to build your automation. You need to build integrations from your new RPA tool to your existing IT, And your teams need to be educated in how to use your new tool.

This is why Gartner estimates that an average RPA process costs $20.000 to implement.But it does not have to be this way.

It is possible to build digital scalability into your business.

In a way where you can build your own automations.

Automations that run in realtime.

And can include tasks that both you and your colleagues perform
In a way that does not require the cost of an IT project to get started

Cognifirm is designed to help you finish your repetitive tasks fast, instantly and error-free.

In a way where you build your own automation that fits your specific needs. Without any IT investment or use of expensive consultants.


Automate Yourself

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