Our Philosophy

The Problem

We built Cognifirm out of frustration with the current limitations of Robotics solutions design and capabilities.

The founding team has a corporate IT management background, where we were involved in the design and management of Robotics solutions.

In doing so, we came to learn and appreciate the effectiveness in which Robotics can integrate between systems and how smart such systems can be configured.

However, we also saw the shortcomings. We learned that the tools are costly to deploy and manage. And that they work best in predictable work conditions where a workflow can be laid out as rules. It is also a tool that often is managed centrally and functions as a service to a companies business units.

Personal process assistant

A personal Process Assistant

We wanted something different. We wanted a tool that was easy to use and based on the users needs and their behavior. Not a just a programmed flow between systems. A tool that did not need an IT project to be implemented and could be managed by the people who experience unnecessary system obstacles in their daily work.

We realized that what we wanted was a personal digital process assistant. So, we built one, and it has evolved into what is now Cognifirm today.

Why AI is the next step

Our visions go beyond creating just a simple assistant for your business as the possibilities of this type of technology is endless. We will continue to expand the intelligent Assistant is to make it even more effective in time saving solutions and we plan to do so by continuing to develop and use artificial intelligence technology.

Right now, your Congifirm Assitant is intelligent because it follows a business logic that you, as a business, define. It is your choice that the Assistant should nudge the users to make a system shift. However, such logic and many more could be learned by the Assistant. It could learn how your employees work so that it would know when they needed help and what was needed for them to compete theirs tasks.

AI is great for such types of tasks, and this is why you, as a Cognifirm customer will benefit as more AI features and functions are deployed into the application.

Why AI is the next step
 The Autonomous organization

The Autonomous organization

You can compare this journey with the evolution of the autonomous car. A car can not become self-driving immediately and is an evoltutionarry process.

We see what we are aiming for as a parallel evolutionary process too. We just don’t make autonomous cars. We help you build autonomous organizations where decisions on how to perform even more demanding tasks can be made on your behalf.

We are not there yet. The first step is to work with the Cognifirm Assistant as it is now.

If you continue to be a part of this journey with us, then we will learn together what an increasingly more intelligent Assitant can do for you, your organization, and the way your business is run.