Creating value

Operations and AI

You use AI to solve problems, and the span of areas that can be improved with AI is quite large. There are nine core areas where you can use AI to make your business better. They are:

Make it cheaper for you to develop new product prototypes

Offer automated and personalized customer advice

Make more qualified decisions based on complex information

Gives you an innovative advantage

Increase your

Create better
digital products

Replace customer-oriented processes

Become more

More efficiently sell your digital product online

As you can see from the list, these are very different areas. Some of them reduce your costs; others create new offers for your customers; others give your customers a better experience or increase your productivity.

The common denominator is that they create value for your business in new ways.

Next steps

Our approach to going from this high-level overview to a more specific identification on how to apply AI in your business follows this funnel approach.

AI and funnel

AI for CEO´s

You can learn more about how to work with AI in your business on our 5 hours introduction course. It will let you understand why AI can change the way your business is run and how to get started with the technology.

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