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Pain & Solutions

Pain & Solutions

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Automated data entry taks

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Our User Pains (Area #1)

Get more time for your business

Remove manual data intry tasks

Key in data from excel manually

Easy Excel import

Many of our automation need are ad hoc and not predictable. So we do not know when and how they will show up

Our proceesses are small and runs when needed and not as a batch jobs

Process automations does not support team team tasks

Automations can be build with dependices and shared data

Actual features, we offer

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Automate your tasks in minutes

Build automation without code in an easy-to-use drag and drop dashboard. More than 180.000 automation combinations are available without change to your current IT systems.

• Anyone can build automations


• No IT development is required to get started

Import Excel data into any online business system

Do you have reporting or data collecting in Excel that needed to be imported into your business systems?
Use Cognifirm to import Excel and CSV data into any online business system. This feature is a great time-saver, and ensures that you do not have any quality issues.

Import Excel or CSV files into any business system •


Set up your import in minutes •

Real-time automation of manual data entry tasks

Do you key in the same data into multiple systems when you enroll a new customer, onboard a new employee, or when you register a new order?
Cognifirm can automatically paste the same data into multiple systems in real-time, so you don’t have to.

• Real time automation of manual data entry tasks


• No more multiple data entry tasks

Automate Yourself

Cognifirm lets you build real-time automations of your manual tasks in minutes.

Smart logic-based notifications

Do you need to notify or share information with your team on a regular basis? Like timesheet reminders, status updates, or distribution of mandatory corporate information?
Cognifirm lets you configure rule-based notifications as either e-mail or as a browser notification.

Stop sending our notification and reminder
e-mails manually •


Smart selection of media, message, and
target groups •

Finish your team-tasks faster

Let your teammates know when a task is processed and ready for them to work on. Use the auto-generated notifications feature to share task status notifications with your team. So you create clarity and eliminates idle time.

• Eliminate idle-time


• Clarity on tasks status

Our User Pains (Area #2)

The hurdle of creating automations is large, so it never gets done

Creat automations when needed

Implementing automation software is a big IT project

Get started fast (no IT or specialist requred)

I do not have the mandat or budget for a big implementation of a big automation project

Get stated chap / risk free

It takes process management experts so find, specify and design automations.

Everyone can design their own process

You are in good company (if needed)

Target groups short cuts

The product

See how to create real-time automations that removes your manual tasks.

The Tech

Cognifirm runs out of the box without any system integration required; it has no impact on your current IT or data management architecture.

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