Leadership and AI

AI changes the basic premise of how you perform leadership

You can do other things with AI than you can with IT; the way you create new AI solutions is completely different from the way you would have to build IT software. I it also clear to you that AI changes the premise of your organization’s ability to handle complexity, and that means you can do something different with AI than you can with IT.


Working with AI also changes a fundamental relationship in the way we as humans solve problems. This means that way we will interact with technology are on new and different terms.


Among other things, this is why AI changes the premise of how management and leadership should be performed. Both at a project level and in day-to-day operations.

How can we, as humans work with AI?

As humans, we seek to understand our world. If we can describe our world as concepts, as formulas, and perhaps as mathematics, then it gives us a sense of well being and of control. We have a certainty that we understand the world.

Working with AI means we're going to let go of that kind of control. We as humans are not necessarily going to be in control. The technology will be better than us in some areas, and there will be areas where we do not understand why it produces the results it actually does.

How should AI be managed?

We will work with AI as an equal partner, and not as a technology that does things for us. Because AI, as a basic premise, does not perceive the world the same way we do. It is not inhibited by our cultural heritage, language or scientific traditions.

What is new to us as human beings are that knowledge-based systems can make decisions. And the systems can reach a level of sophistication where they will be able to make decisions that are better and faster and with a smaller margin of error than what humans would have been capable of in the past. And these are the perspectives that have the potential to change everything. Especially when it comes to the management and leadership of AI.

AI is not IT

It is the management of complexity that is the limiting factor for IT. The more complex the problem, the harder it is to decode complexity in a way that it can be expressed as rules and solved by IT. AI works with different premisses than IT and has the potential to solve much more valuable problems.

How do we work with AI?

We must learn to work with a system that is more qualified to make a given type of decision than we will ever be able to do ourselves. And not only that. We actually don't know why and how the system makes the (right) choices. The only thing we can see is that both in experience and in a direct comparison between humans and AI will show that our AI makes better decisions than we do.

Are your colleagues worried about AI and their jobs?

AI will change the basic premise for you conducts leadership and work. Taking the first step in a discussion on what this means for your business can be problematic if it is not done right.

One approach is to book us for a 3-hour workshop where you can address the topic and get answers to the questions that you and your colleagues might have on the area.

Next steps

Our approach to AI and leadership is founded in “the why”. AI is a fundamentally different technology. So you need to understand why before you can understand the leadership implications. This is where we always start, and then we zoom into your questions, comments and your unique situation.

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