Is Cognifirm an RPA Tool?

Is Cognifirm an RPA Tool?

If you are familiar with the use of Robotics technology, then it will be logical to compare what the Cognifirm Assistant is programmed for and what Robotics is capable of since the common denominator is digitalization and process optimization.
However, there are so many differences between the two approaches it does not makes sense to compare the two as alternatives. It would be best if you regarded them as complementary tools that can be applied in different ways to help you achieve process optimations.



What can the tools do for you?

The main difference is what the tools can do for you. Conventional RPA tools are designed to manage relatively few but large and complex processes.
According to Gartner, an average Robotics process costs $20.000 to implement because it is a (small) IT project in many ways.
Cognifirm has a different focus.
We help you manage the many small processes and tasks that exist in your business. You configure the processes in an online tool, so they are fast and easy to implement without any coding.


System or user behavior?

Conceptually a Robotics solution is designed to manage a predefined process where data is transferred between multiple systems.
Cognifirm is founded in how your users interact with your systems. Because that gives you an easy and pragmatic way to identify the areas and tasks that you can let Cognifirm manage for you.
The Robotics approach is rule-based, and this means it can only solve tasks that can be expressed as rules. Cognifirm is AI-based and means that it can learn how your tasks should be solved. This opens up a new pallet of future intelligent automation options for you.


Cloud or onsite installation?

Robotics solutions run on physical servers that are installed on your premises. As such, they drive operating costs, require management and maintenance, just like any other IT system that you own and operate.
Cognifirm is a 100% cloud-based solution. All you have to do is install a browser plug-in. You configure and manage everything online. You have always access to the newest version and do not have to consider any operational overheads.



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