How to set up a free alert service for your business’s competitors

Do you monitor your competitor’s activities? Do you know when they launch new products? Do you know when they change their prices or
or change their features?


Such intelligence is vital to position your offerings to meet the expectations of your customers and prospects.


However, the problem is that it is a tedious, costly, and time-consuming task to collect and monitor changes in all your competitor’s activities.


Until now, you have had three different options:

  • The first is to do this manually, meaning you visit all your competitors’ websites regularly and check for updates, or you might subscribe to their newsletter and hope that you get all the information you need from this source.
  • Your other option is to use product monitor robots. The robots can scan and collect products from your competitors. However, they only monitor the products you set it up to handle. So you would not know the competition introduced new products or changed their product features.
  • The last and most expensive option would be to run a bespoke web scraping job that collects all your competitor products pages on a regular basis.

If your need is to understand and react to competitor actives proactively, then neither approach is ideal. This is why Cognifirm has introduced a new simple, and effective way of getting up to date with competitor activities.

Cognifirm Site Monitor

Our solution to the need for real-time competitor intelligence is the Cognifirm Site Monitor.


This tool sends you e-mail notifications each time your competitor changes the content on their product pages.


You will get notified whenever:

  • Your competitor changes their product description
  • Adds new features to their products
  • Make a price change

The confirm Site Monitor Tool observes any webpage you like for changes, and as soon as something on the page has changed, you get an e-mail.


All you have to do is submit the URLs you would like to monitor, and the system takes care of the rest for you.


This is not only a great time-saver, but it also gives you the confidence that you are fully updated on any competitor activities.


You can monitor up to 15 pages using our Forever Free plan or as many pages as you like in one of our premium plans.



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