How to manage users and processes

User Management

You can work with two kinds of user types on the Cognifirm platform. One type is the Admin user. The Admin user can log-in to the Cognifirm dashboard and can manage all your business logic and settings.

The other user type is a regular user. Such users can use the automation that the admin user has created, but they can´t access the dashboard.

The Admin user

The user that signs up for the Cognifirm Account will be created as the Admin user. This user can configure new processes, create regular users, and other such functions that are found in the Admin dashboard.

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The admin user avatar

The admin user has more options and features than a regular user. This means that the Admin user avatar has a different set of features.

Save web

page mode

As an Admin user, if you switch to web page mode then you can create and save new processes.

Log into


The Dashboard button lets you access your admin dashboard

Non save


You can set your Admin profile to “non-save web page mode”. This lets you access the processes and automations that you have created in the same way as a regular user would do.

Create and manage users

The Admin user can create and manage users in the dashboard, under the section “users”. Here it is possible to create new users and to manage user access to the processes that you have created. Any change will tricker a confirmation mail to the users with information on the change that has been made.

The regular user

As a regular user, it is possible to use the automation that has been created by the admin user. The regular user Avatar looks like this and has two main features. The first is the ability to upload excel or CSV files to a business system. The other is to log out of the application,

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