How to Get Your Team on Board

How to Get Your Team on Board

Whether companies like it or not, a transition from ‘olden’ to ‘newer’ (or simply ‘better’) is what they’re doing. But with so many people in their current roles, this type of transition can be anything from awkward for the person doing the ‘old’ to downright traumatic for the people around them.

Generally, when a company is making these kinds of changes, it’s a good idea (at least to my way of thinking) to rent a consultant.  While ‘old-style’ project bids for professional help generally are less expensive, they also do not come without a number of rules like overhead expenses, schedule and more. Also, because we do any type of company change, it’s imperative that we get a review in one or two years from when we’d last hired someone to give us an effective and positive review from the last experience.

There is a good chance that my first encounter with this is during our company’s shake-out, where various business units and functional areas must reconvene to have a face-to-face meeting, and to come up with an official list of how they want to move forward, and what needs to be done.   We end up going through a lot of documents, usually never affixing any names to name, and we can easily (and safely) spend the money to hire someone.

And, in my last position, I started finding myself in charge of making the firm’s big picture changes, and a team coming in to come up with the actual content and design that is to be used.  If we hire outside consultants to help the group to see what’s going to be needed to move their company forward, it’s still something to add to our own plate.

And so, my first real and thorough overhaul, when I came down to it, was a no brainer. And the truth is that quantitative apples-&-oranges comparisons between our ‘old’ and our ‘newer’ are much the same.  But it’s your relationship with the people that work in your company that can make all the difference.

Some tips to getting your team on board with the process are these:

* Basic gentle persuasion is important, but don’t merely come to the conclusion (by words or deeds only) that the change will be beneficial.

* Have the ‘best’ people on your team involved in the entire process of bringing the company’s ‘newer’ into your current season. These are the folks that deal with the everyday details of the business every day.

* Be aware of who is in the middle in the middle, when you sign them up for this engaging exercise, even if they ‘ noises’ are lesser than your real subject matter expert class. They need your business and should get as much involvement, if not more, from your strategic side with your company.

* Consider bringing in a custom design consulting firm to help with customer’s current look-and-feel in a complete overhaul your employees are scared to do anything.  I’ve gone out of my way to prepare the materials available for them to review, as a bonus for them, as they take over the process.

Remember even though it may not be easy to do; it does boost the morale in the organization, and sets the stage for hiring and benefits costs. And we’d have a great excuse to point out how silly it is to have people out in public for months on end going for the monthly bike ride, and then hard at work on the new. Hey you get to report when it’s clean and ready for launch time and all the perks that can go from there.  I sure did.

But I guess it’s an expense well worth the effort to run a conversation about. Are there any free databases to utilize that would be helpful? Or, you can find good online printable templates to help you the entire transformation process.  You might pay for web-based training of your key staff members/team at some firms out there. So, if you’re fortunate enough to have some support/assistants at your shoulder location take full advantage of it as a benefit to your team.

Who all is on board?  You think teams run by just the project owner? Not so fast.  If we’re going to bring a team together, we need to make sure we have all the proper Authority Business additional tools/resources to create a motivated environment where employees/team members really feel they’re a vital part.

Again, since digital transformation has a embroiled rooted in DemandITIES and thrive through rushed uphelete hour after rush hour after rush hour, we want to make sure to make sure you have up to date, sometimes slightly archaic methodology when it comes to how you work your transformation task because then we’ll have something to reach out to us, and pull together the very best.


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