How to create a process

The Admin user can create and manage processes in the dashboard.

A process can be designed either to function as an Excel data to a form flow, or a form to a form data flow. So a process consists of a source and a destination.

The starting point for any process is that you have saved the web page as a destination page. If your process shall function as data transfer between two web forms, then both forms must be saved before you can build your process. This page will show you how to save a web page.

The admin dashboard

Creating a new process

It requires five steps to build a new process in the admin dashboard:

1. Name your process
2. Select your source
3. Select your destination page
4. Map fields
5. Define your business logic
6. Select your target group

All steps can be performed as drag and drop selections in your dashboard.


Step 1: Name your process

You need to create a name for the process. The name will be show to your regular users if you grant acceess to them. So you need to name it in a way that make sense to them

Step 2: Select source

A process starting point is a source. It can either be an Excel datasheet that is uploaded or it can be a web page. Click here to learn how to work with Excel and CSV files.
As you would see In your dashboard, then all the pages that you have saved can be selected as a source page

Step 3: Select destination

You then have to select the destination source. This will be the web page where you would like the content to be pasted into.

Step 4: Map fields

You then have to map the fields between the source and the destination that you have selected. Mapping the fields means that you decide which content from the source page that must be pasted into the recipient page

Step 5: Select business logic

A Cognifirm process can run with different business logics if you would like to transfer data between two webforms. You can choose between either be Nudge or Bulk. Nudge means that the avatar presents itself so it can help complete the transfer as soon as the data has been keyed in. Bulk transfer lets you collect data and then transfer it in one bulk process

You will not be asked for a business logic choice if you are creating a process that involves Excel transfers, as this logic always will be to paste in the Excel data right away.

Step 6: Select users

The last thing you would have to do before setting your process live is to select who it should be avalible to.

That is it. Your process is now live and ready to be used.

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