How to automate a data entry task

Why automate?

You would want to automate data entry tasks to become more efficient by automatically copying data from one. business system to another

As-is: Manual entry

To-be: Automated data entry

A system view

A system view of what you are trying to achieve could be something like this.

You would like to take a selection of fields from one system and automatically paste them into another system.

To automate such a process, you need to specify what needs to be done. This means that your job is to do three thing.

  1. You need to identify the pages that you would like to copy and paste data to and from
  2. You must specify the fields that you would like to transfer data from and to on your pages
  3. You must define the business logic that manages how the transfer is done

A two-step automation

Cognifirm lets you create automations without code. You can do so in a couple of minuts. The first step is to tag your pages and the next is to build your automation.

Step 1: Map fields and save pages

You use the browser extension plug-in to select and save the fields that you would like to be a part of your process.

Lear more here.

Step 2: Build your process

You build your process in your admin dashboard.

Click to see how to do so.

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