How to Automate A/B Testing

How to Automate A/B Testing

A/B testing is a wonderful tool for marketers, advertisers and business owners alike. The process can be difficult to know the right steps in order capture your audience’s attention with new ads or website designs that will attract more clicks from potential customers than ever before! In this blog post I’m going provide you 7 simple ways anyone could take advantage of A/B testing today – no matter their level expertise when it comes down selecting between different versions on webpages.”


What is A/B testing?

A/B testing (also called split-testing) is a method of comparing two versions of an advertisement, webpage or email. It’s often used to see which one offers more conversions and can be applied by marketers who want feedback on their websites’ performance so they can make adjustments as necessary for future tests if needed!

You can test different layouts to see which conversion rate you get. For instance, if your goal is to generate more leads and conversions from potential customers then it would be wise for testing purposes because by providing this information they are able to make changes accordingly so as not have any problems down the line with their marketing strategy or product development process
The same goes when analyzing how users interact on various website pages – after running several tests we were able find out our most popular webpage was one that allowed visitors submit job postings right there online instead of having them go through multiple steps just like before; now all I need do in order create jobs accessible 24/7 without continual re-entry into programs.


Why do A/B testing?

A/B testing is a tool that allows you to create ads and other marketing material based on data-driven improvements. It’s not about chance, gut feelings or guessing what will work best for your company; instead it focuses all of this into one clear measure: experiments! With these tests we can see which ad strategies provide more conversions at no cost than others do while also giving us insight as far down the funnel someone clicks after seeing our message–from initial interest until they’re customers forever.

When you are done with your A/B testing, the most effective elements of your campaign will become clear. You’ll have a better idea on how to create marketing material from this knowledge and generate more conversions for future use!

A test performed by LinkedIn featuring an image of a person and one with objects proves that the advert with people generates much higher click-through rates. The Image Of A Person saw 160% CTR, as well +289% CVR when compared to images without human representation in them!