How do I paste Excel data into a business system?

How do I paste Excel data into a business system?

 There can be many reasons why you would like to paste data from Excel into a business system. It could be because:


Your four options

Basically, you have four ways of solving such a migration task.

We will now give you an overview of which Excel import method is your best match.


Use a build-in Excel import feature

We will start with the build-in excel import feature. An Excel import feature makes it possible for you to upload your Excel data directly into your business system.

This is smart and convenient, so if it is possible for you to do so, then this should be your preferred option.


Bespoke API import

Most business systems Excel import features have some build-in limitations, and two of them might give you problems.

The first is if you need to import data that is not supported by the auto-import feature. The other problem you might face is that your data structure does not match if format that the import feature requires.

Both issues will be difficult for you to change since you a using a standard feature of the software.

So this case might force you to look for different options. If your need to import your data is of high business value, you might build a bespoke import solution. A bespoke solution means that you will use some of the communication APIs that your business system has made available to you.

This could be a way to get your data into the business system. However, such an approach will require that you make a software integration that works with the API. So this approach is expensive to build and maintain.


Browser plugin

This is why Cogifirm has made the Excel import feature. Cognifirm is a browser plug-in that can be configured without code. The tool makes it possible to upload Excel and CSV data into any online business.

So a much cheaper way than an API bespoke approach. Also, because it is browser-based means that the tool can be used on the fly by any employee; you will not have to wait for a batch job to be run, as is often the case of an API way of solving the problem.

You can install the plugin for free here


Manual data import

Your last approach is the pure manual way. This is where you copy data from your spreadsheet and paste it into the forms of your business system.

Of course, this is a viable way. But it takes time, and you risk creating errors. So the best use case for such an approach is probably when you know that the data you are going to upload will be a one-time event.

In such cases, it might not be worth your time to configure a Cognifirm excel import.

What are your best choices to import Excel into a business system?

The conclusion is that you do have many great options, and it very much the value of time-saving that should decide which approach should be the best for you.


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