How AI is Being Used in SEO to Help Sites Rank Higher

How AI is Being Used in SEO to Help Sites Rank Higher

Recently, global management consulting advisor McKinsey and Company found that the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to build in 2022. Companies are deriving the most benefits from AI to professionalize or industrialize their capabilities, with additional emphasis on embracing the best practices. Indeed, artificial intelligence can extract insights from large data sets to find patterns, make predictions, and continually improve its own performance. Search engine optimization (SEO), in particular, benefits from AI technology.

As it is, ranking well on search engines is not an easy task. All businesses are trying to climb up to Google’s first page so they can gain a competitive edge. Digital marketing agency Ayima points out that one of the main challenges to contend with is Google’s ranking algorithm, which tends to reward larger brands that already have large amounts of “link equity” (incoming backlinks) to rich and robust content. Moreover, even if you have great content, you’ll need to work on your technical SEO to eliminate any roadblocks against Google’s site crawler. With AI, search engines can better adapt to Google’s changing algorithms, as well as user search queries. Here are four ways AI is being used in SEO for high site rankings:

Keyword development

Keyword research and development is a major struggle for SEO professionals. It can take weeks of research using traditional SEO tools to figure out which keywords to target, and you may only get surface-level data at best. Artificial intelligence can identify relevant topics and keywords to go after, by analyzing keyword patterns related to your website’s authority. From there, you can find content opportunities and new ideas that will allow search engines to view you as an authority on the topic. Not only will you avoid topic gaps, but AI-empowered keyword development will also help you create a keyword strategy to target specific regions or demographics.

AI-driven content creation

Artificial intelligence tools are good at breaking down how effective each content piece you create is. They can drive insights on which topics to cover, as well as the ideal length and quality. Some AI tools even understand themes that search engines associate your content with, so you can define your brand clearly through their recommendations. Advanced artificial intelligence can even generate high-ranking content for you, creating original and engaging pieces that read like a human wrote it. Of course, you’ll still need writers to check for accuracy and ensure it’s well-written based on human standards.

Search listing optimization

Search listings are not limited to Google results. Users extend their searches through mobile, apps, social media, and voice assistants. Voice search, in particular, is prevalent among older adults. According to business news guide The Manifest, 52% of users over the age of 55 use voice search to find information — and they would want to be served up-to-date results when looking for your business’s contact details or locations. Artificial intelligence can keep search listings fresh across local and global listing platforms in real-time, so you never miss out on potential conversion opportunities.

Technical SEO automation

Marketers spend a lot of time manually adjusting and optimizing SEO efforts for your sites. AI can automate these tasks so your marketing team can work on high-value ideas instead. Artificial intelligence can self-optimize pages for mobile, fix orphan pages, cut down duplicate content issues, and keep your business location-accurate. Some AI platforms even run tests and measure metrics to make sure your page snippets on Google perform well. In short, AI can optimize SEO at the scale and speed the market demands.

As we mentioned in our article on The Key Benefits of Using Digital Technology, technology and strategy go hand-in-hand so corporations can work efficiently. Automating processes and using machine learning to improve SEO are just some ways AI can drive your business’s growth.

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