Install the plug-in

Cognifirm runs as a plug-in in your browser. So you must install the plug-in and have created an account with us. If you have not yet created an account, then you can do so for free at this link.

If you have an account, then you need to install the Plug-in. You can find the latest version of the plug-in on here:

Get started

Welcome to this introduction on how to automate data entry tasks. We start by looking at what you are trying to achieve. That is to take data that you have typed into one business system and then paste it into one or more other systems.

So you are trying to save time and to become more efficient by automating a task that takes up unnecessary time for you and your colleges.

Cognifirm can help you create such automation without code. It is not difficult for you to do, and it does not take a long time for you to set up.

And once your automation is done, it can run for as long as you like without any attention from your side.

How to automate data entry tasks

This video shows you how you get started with your data entry task automations.

Install for free

Your data entry automation tasks runs as a free plug-in/add-on in your browser. So, if you have not done so yet, you need to install it in your browser. You can do so in Chrome Webstore or at the Microsoft Edge Ad-ons store.