Can we create automations without code?

Yes, you can. You manage and create processes in a drag and drop dashboard. This can be done by anyone in your team who has been created as an admin user. The processes that you create are all run in your browser and can be made without any changes to your current IT set-up.

Why can your system run without IT integrations?

Cognifirm makes your integrations from your browser, and this approach means that you do not need to change or modify the systems that you want to paste data between.

How do I install Cognifirm?

Cognifirm is a browser plugin that you install in your browser, from either Google Webshop or the Microsoft Online store. The plug-in is free and our sign up flow will guide you to get the installment.

How do you process our data?

Your data is saved temporarily in a file in your browser when you work with it. It is then transferred to the destination that you have selected. So the data that you work with always stays in your browser and is not saved by Cognifirm.

Is Cognifirm safe to use?

Yes. Cognifirm runs inside your browser and it only works with data processes that you have initiated yourself. So you are in control of the data that is been past between systems. The system is also designed in a way where your data is saved in your browser and nowhere else. So, no one except you can access the data that you work with.

Do you save my web browser passwords and user data?

No. Cognifirm can only work with systems that you are already logged into from your computer. The system does not know your password or user names. The data that is transferred from one system to another when you create a process is stored locally while the transferer is processed, and then it is deleted.

Do we need ITSupport to install Cognifirm?

Most likely no. The only tech task that you have is to install a browser plug-in in your and your team’s computers, that is it. However, sometimes larger corporations might require permission from your IT department for you to install any plug-in in your browser.