As a business manager, are you concerned with how AI can change your business and its competitive landscape? Do you want to understand the technology from the perspective of your business? So, you can address your use of AI with the appropriate level of management attention.


The AI serial entrepreneur Per Damgaard Husted explains in his book “Employeeless” why AI will redefine how you conduct your business and how you can see where to make the most sense of the technology in your business.


It is not a technical book, and it is not a quick fix book that gives 50 tips on how to get started on an AI project tomorrow. It is a book that seeks to provide you with the understanding you need to unite the core of your business with the new AI brings to the table. The common denominator is value creation.


AI will challenge your value creation, and it can unfold on many levels and many dimensions of your business. In operational terms, you can solve your problems and your tasks differently with AI. Strategically, AI has the potential to disrupt the way you create value and could redefine the goals you have with your business.

It is in this context you need to understand AI and this what the book aim for you to be able to do. So, it is all about management and leadership.


The book will teach you why AI is super exciting, and why the reasoning behind it will challenge both your intellect and the way you see the world. You will see many things from a different perspective, once you know how a problem can be solved with AI. Your view of the world will never be the same.


You will learn how to address AI from an operational perspective. So you can make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities to make your business better, and find the areas that could benefit the most from AI.


Is AI an area that redefines how you conduct your business, or is it merely a sporadically used technology that you can use in a few operational tasks? You want to understand the potential so that you can act with the right level of leadership attention.


The focus then shifts to why AI could create new strategic opportunities for you, such as identifying the prerequisite for creating exponential growth in your business and why becoming employeeless could emerge as a path that you as a leader must form an opinion on.


AI has the potential to change the premise for the way we work. The number of tasks that need to be solved, how we work with technology, and how we organize our business. All could change. This requires a revised view on leadership that the book will provide you with perspectives on too.


You can look at the knowledge you get from the book as a platform on which you can build your AI efforts. It gives you the perspective and the conceptual business understanding of the technology that you need to make the right choices for how you will lead your business into the Age of AI.


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