Easy RPA

Easy RPA

Cognifirm lets you integrate web-based systems any way you like in 10 minutes or less. That is why we call it Easy RPA. Here is what it means for you.


Your digital business

Do you feel like 99% of your business runs digital? But the 1% of your tasks that are not automated takes 25% of your time.

The course of your problem is most likely that you are stuck in your digitalization efforts.


Your digital infrastructure

The thing is this. Your digital infrastructure is where your core business systems are integrated in a way where they share data and process flows. This set-up makes your business scalable, and everything that stands out is a potential bottleneck for scaling your business.

You would want as much of your business operations to be a part of your digital infrastructure because that is the foundation for creating a truly automated business. Everything that stands out must from it must be handled more or less manually. This is expensive, takes time, and is a potential source for errors.


Why do manual processes exist?

The reason manual cases exist is that the nature of the tasks is not easy to automate. If they could, you would already have done so. One reason could be that the tasks are done in Excel, another could be that no API can be used, or that the business logic required is unique for your needs, so no standard solution exists.


Automate manual tasks

Cognifirm is designed to help you automate such tasks. The tool can do this for you because it accesses your business systems in a browser the same way you or your colleagues would. This approach allows you to design automated processes and integrations via your browser that you are stuck within your current set-up.

The tool enables you to create processes that can paste data from one web-based business system to another. Or to paste in data to a business system from a file, such as PDF, Excel, or a CSV file. In other words, it aims to solve the problems that you are stuck with now, so they too can be a part of your digital infrastructure. So you can scale your business the way you have always dreamt of.


Automate Yourself

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