Digital Transformation for dummies

Digital Transformation for dummies

Of late, I have been thinking about digital transformation. Looking at the current methods of change and the lack of adequate communication. I have been thinking about the difference between a business process and a process. You have to look at having customers make the financial
commitment to buy your product or service and then it is a process.

It is your organization that makes the product or provides the service and the customer doesn’t own your product or service. Most industries have a process and product involvement even if the end-user does not do anything besides make the purchase. Yet, we wonder why companies aren’t growing. Isn’t it customer-centricity? Digital transformation addresses customers and their needs.

Incorporate newsletter, digital transformation is a process of redesigning existing business processes to excel at the new market realities. In order to understand your core business better, develop your business processes. In this research, I have found three main trends with which most organizations fall.

One trend centers on customer involvement or not. In today’s economy, it is more important to have more customers than more products. If you only have a product-based business, don’t waste your time trying to fetch more products. Failure to educate and motivate the customer drives your product engineers to create more and more products. Keep in mind that people make decisions about products. If the customer doesn’t make a decision, then you won’t sell the solution to the customer.

The second trend centers on enforcing business processes. What do MySpace, Reflux, Created Life and High-Speed Online have in common? These websites are all business-based and created to be slow and smooth. In other words, they are all business processes.

These processes are made to run smoothly and seamlessly. Another trend is: innovation and variable data. Innovation means dealing with innovation, 24-7. Automating and capturing market data gets you after the milestone and creates a permission-based market generation channel for anyone to share their ideas. This enables companies to cope with change as long as their products and services are meeting the needs of their customers.

Your digital transformation reflects the needs of your customers
Finally, your digital transformation comes from understanding your customers. Consumers don’t know what they want. They don’t know what business you’re in and what products you have. The Internet helped to industrialize the information business. Now the ability to innovate, educate and communicate with customers is what keeps customers coming back, makes them your leaders, and makes them loyal and transactional buyers.

Digitization is about knowing what your customers want and delivering it at a business process level. It’s about creating valued communication channels and power centers to ensure timely feedback and response. Digitization creates the opportunity for every individual in your organization to understand their customers and be superior in customer communication with them!


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