Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste

Do you still copy and paste data from Excel into your business systems?

There are many situations where it is required to copy Excel data into a business system. The case is almost always the same. Your work starts in Excel, and then at some point, the data is required in your business systems too.

Your work starts in Excel because it is smart, fast, and efficient. For many, using Excel is simply the most intelligent way you can process and manage your data.

However, the problem starts if your Excel data needs to be processed in a business system.


Business systems and Excel

Just as there are many reasons why you should work in Excel, then there are also many reasons why you would like to migrate excel data into a business system. Most reasons are because you need the Excel data to run into your business workflows. So you can include data that was born in Excel, such as product data, your sales data, or your employee reportings in your enterprise business systems.

The problem is getting Exel data into your business systems. Excel is designed to be a stand-alone application that runs on a local computer. It is not easy to export the Excel data into your business systems because your business systems have not been designed to receive data in the form that was smart for you when you created your Excel sheet.


Noncompatible data and workflows

The business systems need to have data in a form and in a way that holds a fixed field structure. Such a configuration is almost never compatible with the design of an Excel or CSV file. Even if it was, they are no easy way to import it, so you can validate that you do not create data import errors.

This fact leaves most people with only one option, and that is to do the field mapping manually by keying in Excel data by hand into the required business systems.


Easy Excel import

Cognifirm has decided to challenge this problem and is now launching a new Excel import tool. The tool can be used to paste Excel data automatically into any web-based business system.

The tool lets you easily match your Excel sheet content with the design flow of your business system. This enables you to import data fast and error-free automatically.

Cognifirm runs in the cloud and as a browser plugin. This means that you can configure your automation without coding skills or installment of any software.


Automate Yourself

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