Can you build apps automatically without the use of a developer?

Can you build apps automatically without the use of a developer?

Do you really need a developer to code for you? Until now, this has been an absurd question to ask. If a developer should not make your code, who should? However, as you are about to read, things change…

There are obviously many trends in the IT-sphere, but one of the most promising is the no-code movement.

No-code is, as the name clearly states, a concept where computer code is developed without the use of code. This is possible because the user will create the code in an interface that specifies the features that must be built.

No-code is already a 13 billion dollar market, and Gartner forecasts that the segment will grow by 21% just in 2021.

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It is especially interesting as an automation tool—both for administrative tasks and for the physical automation of production lines.

Automation means that you make robots do business tasks. Many such studies have a general element of how they are designed. So on a high level, an HR consultant onboard new employees the same way. But when you look into how it is actually done, then there are allways differences across different companies.

So it makes especially sense to use no-code solutions for process automation. Cognifirm is one such example of a no-code automation tool.

Microsoft has already made a tool where you can write a requirement-like description of the code that you are creating. The tool will then convert your verbal requirements into code and build an application for you.

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Apps becomes free

Off cause, for now, the kind of problems you can solve with this technology is limited to fairly simple applications. But it is just a matter of time before such tools will be much more advanced. So you would be able to create a smartphone app just by dictating how they should work.

The consequence is that it becomes free to create many new kinds of software solutions. So there are no risk or investment perspectives anymore. If you need an app for a special purpose, then it will get build for you.


Segment of one

When apps become free, then it also means that it would make sense to design apps that are much more focused on solving very specific demands. You could be the only person in the world with a particular need, and it would make sense to build an app just for you.


The No-code era

So the era of the no-code is just beginning, and we can expect many new use case scenarios as the technology matures. What do you think will be the next big no-code leap?


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