Business case

Cognifirm is a new tool in your Digital Transformation toolbox

As a Cognifirm customer, you will experience all the exceptional value and digital transformation that the tools will bring.

The core purpose is to achieve effectiveness by streamlining the processes that support your business.

  • Robotics
  • Implement new IT Solutions
  • Re-redefine your business processes
  • Optimize your current IT system integrations
Cognifirm is a new tool in your Digital Transformation toolbox

Gain value fast and is extremely cost-effective

All of the above elements bring significant value to your business and help you gain a competitive advantage. However, the implementation of such initiatives is often complicated, expensive, and time-consuming if you try to find individual solutions or develop a custom program.

This is where Cognifirm comes in as a single solution. You now have a new tool that can be used to gain value fast and is extremely cost-effective.

Build Micro Processes Fast

You can build new mico processes in 10 minutes or less now that you have a tool that can bring you closer to your ideal processes in record time. You can cash in on your low hanging fruits today, not in 3 to 6 months.

Local Solutions to Local Problems

Cognifirn allows your business units to create their own micro-processes without external dependencies. This fact will also help you speed up your joint journey towards digital transformation.

New Optimization Areas

It is often difficult to implement Robotics solutions on third party browser-based systems. However, with Cognifirm, it has been made possible. You are able to look into improvement options that previously seemed out of reach.

The Business Case

How 40 people can save 20 hours of work – every day

Let´s say you run a customer service department with 40 employees. They

probably need to use somewhere between 10 to 20 different systems to do

their work. Each time they have to shift between one or more system costs time.

Imagine a part of their job is to start a process in one system, and they then have to key in the

same customer data in a different system. It could be any system like a CRM, accounting, or production system.

A system shift takes 3 minutes per operation

  •  Step 1: Access to the new system (Type in an URL: 20 seconds /Log in to a system: 30 seconds)
  • Step 2: Navigate to the right page: 60 seconds
  •  Step 3: Type in customer data: 60 seconds

So a skilled employee needs at least 3 minutes to make a shift between two systems.

Automatic shifts between systems

Cognifirm does this for you automatically. The assistant asks you if you need to shift systems. When you confirm, then the system opens a new browser tab, logs you in, finds the right page in the new system, and even fills in your customer data.

Convert 20 hours per day from system time to customer time

So you save 3 minutes per system shift using Cognifirm.

If your 40 employees each shift systems ten times per day times 3 minutes per shift comes to 1.200 minutes, or 20 hours, of time saved that can now be used talking to customers. 

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