An introduction to Digital Transformation

An introduction to Digital Transformation

Are you still waiting for customers to choose your product? Customer service will follow. Customers don’t choose your product. Your product did not choose them.

Trends in customer service – Digital transformation change how consumers interact with your brand and may soon change the nature of customer service itself.

The future is digital. Friedrichstimman’s Skywalkerism is feedback based. The old maxim no longer applies – products must choose their customers; consumers choose the development and delivery of products.

Digital technology is expected to drive change in customer service practices. As a small business owner you cannot afford to be technologically backward or you won’t be in business for long. Spend substantial time and effort on developing an understanding of digital issues and interests for your family and business.

Start thinking about digital and how it might affect your business
Civil society is turning toward digital technology fully embrace the potential of this new medium.

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