AI for CEOs – Book download


In today’s Age of Artificial Intelligence, are you concerned about how it can change your business and its competitive landscape? Do you want to understand how to use the technology effectively within your business?

Per Damgaard Husted’s book “AI for CEOs” explains why AI will redefine the way you conduct business – and how to manage those changes so they benefit your business.

This is not a technical book. It won’t provide 50 tips on how to get started on an AI project tomorrow. “Employeeless” seeks to provide the understanding you need to unite the core of your business with the new technology that AI brings to the table.

AI allows you to solve problems and designate tasks differently. It has the potential to disrupt the way you create value and redefine your business goals. You’ll learn the reasoning behind the excitement of AI, and your view of the world will never be the same.

By the end of this book, you’ll understand AI’s full potential and how to integrate it into your business. You will learn how to address AI from an operational perspective so you can improve your business and find the best fit for the technology.

You will be able to identify the prerequisite for creating exponential growth in your business, and understand why becoming employeeless could emerge as a path that you, as a leader, must form an opinion on.

AI has the potential to change the workplace forever, from how you work with technology to how you organize your business. This book provides the perspective and conceptual business understanding you need to make the right choices and successfully lead your business into the Age of AI!