Admin FAQ

The Dashboard

You create a new process by clicking on the "Create new process" tab in the top menu of the Dashboard.

The sources in your process are the pages that you have saved in your browser. See this movie that shows how to create a new page.

You click on the “x” in the source if you would like to delete it. You can only delete sources that are not a part of a process.

The source mapping works by letting you select the fields from the source to the destination page. Your mapping will decide how the content will be transferred between the two pages.

In the Nudge setup, you notify the users by displaying a pop-up with recommendations to transfer data to a new system. This choice is great if you prefer that your users make the decision to make the data transfer when they need to do so or if they need to modify the data in the receiving system to finish the process.

You can let the system collect data on an ongoing basis and then deliver it to the recipient system when a given threshold is reached. Like every 20 customers, you create. This choice is great if you prefer just to work in one system and then have other systems populated with data automatically.

You can access the statistics section in your Dashboard if you would like to keep track of how much your processes are used.

You access the user tab in the menu and select “Create” on the page.

You can click on a process in the “Process Management” section. This will enable you to modify the process flow. It is also possible to delete a process in this section of the Dashboard

You can select your logo and naming of the avatar. You can manage this on the Branding section in your Dashboard.

Select pages and content

Save page mode lets you, as an administrator, select the pages that you would like to work with. You turn on “select mode” in your Cognifirm plug-in that is located in your browser bar.

Fields are the content components that you wish to paste into different systems. You need to select and name them to be able to work with them.

Your Cognifirm Assistant collects data from webpages that contain web formulas. On all such pages, you will find a “save” or “next” button that lets you tell the system that you have selected the correct data and that you are ready to proceed with your process. In Cognifirm terms, such a button is called an “Action bottom.”

Cognifirm places a visual layer on the page that you are working with. This layer detects all fields one the page. This enables you to select any field that you would like to work with. You need to name every field that you would like to work with. The name is used to map the field against other pages fields in the process creation process. So it is crucial that you name the field in a way that makes you understand its purpose when you will create your processes.

Once you have selected the fields, you press “next” in the Cognifirm Save page assistant, this guides you to the “select action button mode” You can now click on the button on the page that must function as your action button. A common action button name on a page would be “save” or “next.”

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