Is your business ready for the Age of AI?

Even if you are an IT Manager and have extensive experience in working with IT, then you will find AI to be very new to you.
The concept behind the technology is very different from IT. The use cases are different; the development process follows a different pattern compared to IT projects. And the way AI operates when implemented is nothing like what you know.
You read daily news of Silicon Valley start-ups that revolutionize jet another business model with AI. Who can say that you are not next, and what responses do you have in your arsenal today?

We will help you succeed in the Age of AI

How to become


You are not a Data Scientist, and your job is not to implement Tech solutions. Your job is to understand how Tech works and know which business options they can create. And to execute on projects that create value to your business.

You focus is getting the most out of the technology from a business perspective.
It is most likely expected of you that you can do the same with AI.

To do so, you must be able to see where in your company AI could help you create more value. You must be able to see how AI could change your competitive situation to your advance. And show that you can lead an AI-driven organisation.

This is what we aim to help you to achieve. To become an AI CEO.

You will learn the AI Tech fundamentals
Learn how to use AI to your stratic advantage
Know how to find the best AI projects in your organisation
Know how to leed employees in an AI organisation

About us

Developing AI since 2017

We have spent more than 12.000 hours on AI delevopment so far. So we know how to work with the technology and what it can do for you.

Management background

We have spent more than 15 years as managers in large organisations, so we know how you function and how decisions are made.

More than 1200 customers

Our AI learnings are founded in the 1200 customers around the world that uses out AI technology.

+25 AI Applications

AI applications developed from scratch on our patented AI architecture design.

Your options

Four ways of learning AI

Online Learning courses

AI for CEOs

Take the course “AI for CEOs” and get to know how you can work with AI in your organisation.


Let’s have a workshop

A workshop is excellent if you need to dig deeper into how to find the right AI solutions for you. You will work with experts who can see your potentials and knows the pitfalls.

Speaking events

Get the kick-start speach

We offer presentions of how you can start working with AI in your organisation. Book a discovery call and learn how.

Subject Matter Experts

AI execution

We can help you with supplier independent advice on planning, scoping and implementing your AI projects.

Get started now

Let AI improve your business!

There is no one correct way to start working with AI in your organisation. It all starts with a conversation about your business. And perhaps what you are looking for technology to do for you.