Convert system time to customer time. Today.

Cognifirm finishes tasks on your behalf automatically…

Cognifirm will finish yourtasks for you

Is a part of your daily work to key in data in multiple systems?


  • It takes time that you could spend on other tasks

  • You risk creating errors that can be costly to correct

  • The tasks can often not be delegated to others

Cognifirm is designed to help you automate small processes and ad hoc tasks.

Automate tasks in 10 minutes

No IT integration

Great value, low costs

Cognifirm is an
Process Assistant

…That makes you more efficient and boosts your work quality. The Assistant is a part of your browser.

When it recognizes that you have started working with a regular task or a process, it can help you perform faster; it appears on your screen and finishes the process on your behalf.

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You can have your first tasks automated 10 minutes from now

All you have to do is install your Cognifirm browser extension and decide which process you would like to automate first.

You build your process in our online drag and drop tool. Then you decide which of your colleges should use the process.

That’s it. Your get instant process automation that you manage yourself. No code, no IT integrations, no hassle.

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Learn how you can minimize the time you use on small processes and ad hoc tasks today.