Cognifirm helps you save 15 to 20 minutes per employee per day by automating the many small processes that conventional Robotics solutions cannot solve for you

Achieve new levels of organizational effectiveness

Automate the small processes and ad hoc tasks

Implement a new process in 10 minutes or less. No coding skills required.

Cognifirm is an Intelligent Process Assistant

Cognifirm is a personal intelligent process assistant that makes your employees more efficient and boosts their work quality.

The Assistant is a part of the employee’s browser.

When it recognizes that the employee has started working with a system that is a part of regular task or a process, it can help them perform faster by appearing on their screen, and finishing the process on their behalf.


High ROI and No Risk

Our business model is “Processes as a Service”. It means you can create new processes risk-free and only pay for the features that you use.

New options

Connifirms technical design, the way you manage it, and its flexible pricing means that you get access to a new pallet of process improvement options.

Local Solutions

Your business units can build their own automated processes as they go along with no third party dependency.

Cloud Based

It does not take an IT project to get started

Cognifirm does not require any change or modification of your current IT-systems.

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Learn how you can minimizes the time employees use on small processes and ad hoc tasks today.

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You manage the Assistant in a canvas style dashboard that lets you configure any new process in 10 minutes or less

Select systems

You select which features in your business systems that you what to transfer data to and from.

Process Design

Your processes could be anything from a simple data transfer between two systems, to a complex flow with multiple systems involved.

Business Logic

You can select different types of business logic that determines how the assistant will help your employee become more efficient.

Target Group

You decide if the process you are creating should work for a one or more employees, a department or the entire company.

Get started now

Book a Discovery Call

Learn how you can minimize  the time employees use on small processes and ad hoc tasks today.


About us

Developing AI since 2017

We have spent more than 12.000 hours on AI development so far. So we know how to work with the technology and what it can do for you.

Management background

Over 15 years of combined management experience in large organizations, so we know how you function and how decisions are made.

More than 1200 customers

Our AI solutions have been used by more that 2000 companies across 90 countries.

+25 AI Applications

AI applications developed from scratch on our patented AI architecture design.

20 minutes

Save as much as 20 minutes per employee per day.

No initial start-up cost

You only pay for processes that you use for as long as it makes sense for you to do so.

Cognifirm grows with you

Start by picking the low-hanging fruits and expand you as you go along.


Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes the system does not store any customer data, so you do not have to change or modify your GDPR compliance management procedures

Can we host the system ourselves?

Yes. Cognifirm can be run either as a Software As a Service solution that is cloud based, or it can be installed locally at your site.

What does it take to get started?

You can start by using the default system integrations, and this would enable you to get started in less than 14 days.

Do we need to modify our IT?

No. Cognifirm runs by using a Chrome extension. So this must be deployed on all the users browsers. That is it.